DIY World Cup Party Must Have Cooler

We have come up with a COOL DIY… I mean, a cooler DIY that you can build for your World Cup watch party. There never seems to be enough ice at a party, but this easy DIY cooler is sure to help keep drinks or other treats cool all night long!

Complete List of Supplies Needed for the DIY Referee Cooler:

  Create the Perfect Instagram Worthy Party Cooler:

  1. On the handles of the cooler, cut the yellow card paper into a long rectangle so that when you fold it over and tape the sides together it looks like a yellow card. If you have yellow duct tape, cut a 6-inch strip and fold it in half, taping it to the handle of the cooler.
  2. Do the same on the other handle of the cooler with the red duct tape or the red card paper.
  3. Using the white duct tape, place the tape under the top rim of the cooler (make sure you start with a straight edge on the tape) and have the white tape go vertically down until you have reached the bottom of the cooler. Redo this step until you have covered the whole cooler. Make sure to leave a strip of the black cooler to peak out from the white duct tape to give the cooler the “referee shirt look”.
  4. Fill it up with ice and your favorite beverages to enjoy during halftime!

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