MBV first Year of work

We’ve had a great first year as a company and want to thank you for giving back and helping the causes we have aligned with! In February, your donations helped the Turtle Island Restoration Network to protect hundreds of baby sea turtle nests and gave thousands of the little ones a better chance at life before their long journey across the open ocean. It could be many years before they return to the same beach they hatched on.

Last year in March and April, we partnered with the University of Miami’s Rescue a Reef organization to create the Buena Vida coral reef. The young nursery-reared corals we planted with their scientists survived the hurricane season and are showing healthy growth! A portion of those month’s donations also went to aiding the efforts of those looking to save the Great Barrier Reef.

We devoted the month of May to The Rainforest Alliance’s Catalyst Fund, dedicated to advancing the training, educating, and outreach around global conservation programs. Deforestation is one of many major environmental issues that affect the health of our planet and the livelihood of those who inhabit it.

In June, we turned our attention toward some of the problems hurting the whale populations. The donation went to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Organization which works to prevent whales becoming entangled in fishing lines. We also had the very rare opportunity to film the sperm whale in its natural environment off the coast of the island nation of Dominica!

We love sharks so much that we didn’t want to limit shark week to just a week, we had a shark month! In July, we worked with Beneath the Waves to support ongoing research on pelagic sharks to understand the risk they face at high seas. The data gained will help inform policies for overfished shark populations in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

We were very proud to partner with American Humane in August for their dedication to ensuring the safety, welfare, and well-being of animals. We also went to the Turks & Caicos to film the efforts of Pot Cake Place K-9 Rescue in caring for abandoned and neglected islander puppies.

With all of the devastation from the hurricanes this past year, including some of the places that we had just recently visited, we dedicated the September and October subscription donations to the hurricane aftermath relief efforts. Your donations helped us send planes with food, water, clothing, medical supplies, and other relief supplies go to people in desperate need on the devastated island nation of Dominica. Further donations also went to helping support the ongoing efforts of the Unite BVI organization aiming to restore the devastated islands.

My Buena Vida is dedicated to helping support and educate people about the issues facing animal and environmental conservation. It is thanks to you, theBuena Vida Family, that we were able to continue our efforts. Your support and enthusiasm has helped influence all of these efforts and we are very excited and proud to keep growing the family and making an even greater impact!


With love,

The Buena Vida Team

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