World Cup must have decorations

The World Cup is here, and to celebrate, we’ve put together a very easy DIY World Cup party! This party provides plenty of winning inspiration. From the table decor, backdrop, dessert tops, and tags all have been planned and made in accordance with the theme to let you all drool over it. Score!


Complete List of Supplies Needed for the DIY Hula Hoop Balloon Wreath:


Steps to Create the Perfect Instagram Worthy Background:

  1. Use the White Duct Tape to wrap around the Hula Hoop until it is completely covered. The theme of this Hula Hoop Wreath is of the World Cup Soccer Ball so the colors we will be using will be White, Black, and Silver.
  2. Blow up the balloons (do NOT use helium) in different sizes. For each color we blew the balloons into approx. 5 Large, 5 Medium, and 5 Small balloon sizes.
  3. Tie the large and medium balloons together using the string and tie them around the hula hoop on each side.
  4. Use the Clear Mounting Squares to tape the small balloons into places that create a nice contrast.
  5. Blow up the Letter Balloons (do NOT use helium) using the straw provided for you in the packaging. Once they are closed, we taped the excess material to the back of the balloons.
  6. Using the mounting squares, tape the letter balloons in place to read “GOAL!”.
  7. Hang up and enjoy with your friends and family the best photo-worthy wall decoration to celebrate your team’s goal over rivalry countries!

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